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(ioi ;) [Aug. 4th, 2004|12:13 am]
so tired~ just got back from the otakon and the next day had to go to NY to consult with aki's imigration lawyer~ next tuesday is aki's green card interview, the very last step we need to take to get his greencard, so before that we went to an immigration lawyer to get our paperwork together. and judging by what we have so far, the lawyer (btw, one of the biggest ass holes you ever will meet) said that we should get it without a hitch~ XDXDXD! if everything goes correctly (meaning that the only thing that could possibly go wrong uhm... doesn't go wrong) then we'll get a green stamp on aki's passport, which is a temporary green card, valid until he gets the real thing in the mail. by law he could go to tokyo the next day if he really wanted to (and that looks to be the case). but i don't want to get my hopes up too much, cause if anything goes wrong it'll make me fall hard. the best that can happen is that there are no last minute mistakes and aki gets his card, which is likely to happen. second best would be that there was a problem with one of our papers that are required (which there isn't!!!) and we get set back about six months for the paper to get processed. worst case scenario is the only thing that could go wrong goes wrong and aki loses every chance to ever get his green card. there are two things that could trigger this. number one: showing up 30 min. or more late. number two: aki says that he came to america to either work and/or get married. that's the only part that worries me, cause aki has a bad habit of saying things wrong, like, worse than mine. so we're practicing. JUST ONE MORE WEEK!!!!!
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fuck >.< i forgot to buy the tone eraser >. [Jul. 15th, 2004|10:29 pm]
DAMN YOU AKADOT AND YOUR CHEAPER TONE PRICES!!! is $265 too much for a bunch of screen tones? i know it is...and i know that i won't use all of them...maybe only a small portion of them... BUT IF YOU SAW THE BUNNY AND CACTUAR TONES THAT I GOT YOU'D UNDERSTAND!!! the worst part is that the one thing that i really wanted and really needed...i forgot to buy. the stupid tone eraser that i really wanted for $1.5o that fades the dots. yup. really needed that. oh well...i'll prolly go back there next week and order all the uber sexy angel feather/wing tones and get that one too. if it softens the blow i bought three scenery books for ten bux and one sepia colored pen (WHY ONLY ONE?!?)...which kinda leaves me with $2oo worth of tones. I'M A CONSUMER WHORE!!! and the worst part is that the tones that i really needed, shading tones, we're out of stock and backordered, so i deleted them cause my initial price was close to $4oo.

and i know i bought that stupid toning computer program so that i didn't have to spend SO much money on tones anymore, but it's designed for you to ink directly onto your computer, otherwise it chips the lines up and makes them look jaggedy. and i wrote the company asking for the "retards guide to fixing this problem cause i can't seem to figure it out" and they basically said that the program does that so you can use a photo for the background and it'd look hand drawn. i can't ink on a puter, or draw on it. i can kinda color on it though... /em dies. THE SAMPLES LOOKED SO GOOD AND HAD EXCELLENT REVIEWS >___< WHY GOD, WHY?!?
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i hate sundays [Jun. 13th, 2004|07:58 am]
for some reason, on every sunday, i hate playing ffxi, during the day at least. prolly cause i can't get an invite from everybody, but mostly because the only pt's playing are japanese parties, and they won't invite americans unless there is absolutely no other choice. it's good though, cause now i have a reason to get ready for work, shower, clean the house and re-start my submission to tokyopop (ƒ=_=). i don't "want" to re-start it, but i know that if i did with this new idea that the story would flow much better, and then be better, and maybe more interesting and i would be more satisfied with it in the long run and blah blah blah. alls i cans say is that if i get rejected after starting this book one more time that i'm just gonna take it to another company. but everytime i think that i counter with: "but it'd be so cooool to work for tokyopop~!" so we'll see where i go from there. gotta redo all my layouts and outlines now...but not character designs so it shouldn't take me too long to do this. anybody have any idea as to what i'm talking about?? *fades away*

i ran outta paper by the way, and don't know where theer's another art shop that sells it, cause no place around here does. not in the size that i need, anyways. or my favorite brand in any size. oh the woes of me.
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(ƒºoº)<----my new favorite face~! [Jun. 10th, 2004|08:35 am]
i've noticed that i hardly ever post in here anymore...but whatever.

ok, i've been depressed since yesterday. i saw my first episode of the new TMNT, hoping that the only change in the show were the turtles eyes (more like the comic book, so i didn't hate too much), but was saddened when i found out that this was not the case. they made april a little less stupid/more ho-ish, which was actually kinda nice, but i didn't see much of her, so i really couldn't say. but WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO BAKSTER STOCKMAN?!? bakster stockman used to be this shriviled up little red-headed white boy that had to be the dorkiest villian ever created, and now he's a slightly hot awesome big black dood. AND I DID NOT HEAR THEM ONCE SAY: "TURTLE POWER." plus, the turtles' personalities and mannerisms are from awesome and cute to loud and annoying. AND YES THEY HAVE MANNERISMS. (andyesican'tspell.) michealangelo, aka mikey, was a fun loving dumb guy, which made him one of the most loved characters in the series (and we all know the least loved *coughraphcough*). and i saw him trying to explain something, and was waiting for his lovable dumbness, and then he just started going: "and it was like oasdfjsdklf, and i was like: "aosdfusdlkjf" and then it was like: "asldkfjosd" and i was like: "aosdifulsdkfjas"!!!!!! i made aki watch it with me and he was like: "is he supposed to be retarded?" and it was an honest aki question. and, my personal fav, don, was barely in it, they only threw him in there to show his latest, and most strategically placed invention, which is what the rest of the episode would live off of. then they made him the funny fighter, where whey they had to switch main weapons with eachother, and he got raph's sais, he dropped one and said: "whoops." ithinkhe'sthemostawesome. will need to watch more episodes, but overall i had to say that i didn't like it much, but can't give the official don't like without a few more episodes, which is impossible cause i have to work when it's on...unless it's on late. i'll forget.

this post was supposed to be about something else completely, but i'll save it for next time i guess. or maybe i'll just forget all about it. ok. bye.
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i got this one on purpose [May. 10th, 2004|11:09 pm]
Bert & Ernie
Bert & Ernie's Gay Love Affair

Look, everyone knows you two are lovebirds. Why
not do the brave thing and admit it to the
world? The times are kinder nowadays. There
may be the odd ultraconservative bigwig or
overprotective mom, but so what? Piss on 'em.
Come on out of the closet. It's ok.

Which Sesame Street Muppet's Dark Secret Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

i actually got the count, which was awesome, but this was even more awesome. and the questions were so obvious.

ok, gotta go to sleep
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whenvever i'm really busy i gotta POST IN DA LIVEJOURNAL!!! [Apr. 28th, 2004|09:15 am]
ok, i've been having a very busy week. today is prolly my busiest day, but have time to write in da ol' lj.

ok, didn't want to tell aki this at all, but i am not exactly thrilled that i'm going to japan tomorrow. infact, to be brutally honest, i don't really want to go at all. i'm going by myself, all by myself. this is just reminding me about a little movie called home alone, lost in new york, that i just can't get out of my head right now for some reason. here are the reasons why i don't want to go to japan this week: 1.) don't read this if you are sensitive [having the absolute WORST case of the shits right now, not good for a 13+ hour flight] 2.) it's GW over there, which stands for Golden Week. meaning that there are gonna be a shitload of people that don't speak any english being drunk all over the streets, and i'll be with aki's parents and won't be able to take advantage of it. 3.) i know i've mentioned this before, but i'm going alone, all by myself. not only do i have this nagging feeling that i'm gonna come home with a story about how i never even made it to japan and was stuck in the airport for this whole week, but i also don't have any friends to enjoy my first trip over-seas with. aki keeps telling me that i have his family to "hang out with", but it's really not the same. i still don't see why i have to go there, during a hectic week in japan, all by myself. 4.) on saturday i went to a tokyopop interview {SORRY KATEY, SAME DAY AS GAMING DAY, AND I HAD TO GO INTO WORK ALSO}, and they reviewed my portfolio, and said that if i finished my current book and re-worked two of the pages that i had so far, that they would DEFINITELY PUBLISH ME. dood, my dream come true~! and while i'm supposed to be working on it, i'm gonna have to break my rythm to go to japan. 5.) onimusha 3, the last one of the series, is coming out today, and i still haven't packed. i will only have very limited time to enjoy this great series, and will always have the fact biting away at my brain that it's waiting for me in my house, and aki's prolly gonna beat it before i even get back home.

don't get me wrong, i really do want to visit my inlaws in japan, and meet aki's grandma and all of that stuff, but is it only me that feels that this will be awkward?? aki also wants me to go out with his friends drinking one night. i think it's wrong because number one, i can't communicate with them, number two, i don't drink, and number three, they're AKI'S friends. not to say that i won't get along with them, but it's the equivalent of me having aki fresh from japan going out with amy and mel and possibly gryph, depends on if there was a raid that night. and i really feel that they don't want to waste their golden week on me also, cause it's gonna be awkward for them too. aki says: "don't worry, they're japanese", but they're also human, so i'm sure that they'll feel that this is awkward.

oh, and to make this post longer, reason number six as to why i don't want to go to japan tomorrow: amy still hasn't given me the $350 in travellers cheques to win her a whole bunch of ufo catcher dolls. aki told me that they were easier to get in japan cause they don't rig the wire to shake on the way up and across~! i could win maybe 100 dolls with $350~! think about it!!!
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(~_~;) [Apr. 14th, 2004|07:56 am]
ugh...i learned that i had made a terrible mistake.

ok, i wanted to join a gallery in hopes that if somebody looked at a piccie of mine and liked it that they would then look at my site and read my comics. it's weird, cause when you don't make any money offa them you at least want as many people to read it as possible. so i joined this gallery and was happy that i only got positive remarks, but there was no traffic in my website. then i remembered that i never put my site anywhere, so how could there be any traffic? so, since i'm dumb (hence the reason for this post) i just add a little note with my address there so that people could copy and paste the address, the only way i could figure out to put it there.

here's my mistake. i had a piccie of the main character in the story that international manga publishes, and her name is chris. well, there was only a single comment for it saying something like: "this boy is charming and i love the eyes..." and blah blah blah. so, since it was one of my piccies i made the comment: "please give me a reason to live and go to my site at blah blah blah whatever it is." so i go to check my mail and i find a private message from the gallery. thinking it was fan mail i open it up and instead find some: "don't kill yourself you are very talented" type letter in my box followed with a: "please respond to let my know that you're ok." so i reply with a mulan happy letter only for her to be like: "you need to believe in yourself" type bullshit that i hate to hear with a side of: "and you deserve more confidence." i think that was added just to make me sick. the worst part is that she thinks i wrote that comment JUST for her, as a "cry for help" from a perfect stranger..and i got another one with a follow up asked. i think i'm gonna withdraw from this gallery just so that she thinks i died.
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happy fucking easter everyone. [Apr. 11th, 2004|08:43 pm]
god fucking dammit! i now officially hate easter, though easter has nothing to do with it, i guess i just hate work now. i'm actually two piss off-es away from quiting that hell hole and am wondering right now why i'm not.

oh yeah, too lazy.

my boss richard is the ultimate fuck-tard that you could ever meet. the day starts off as easter, and ofcourse i have to work, cause i'm lucky that i get my day off off, if that makes any sense. so, i normally go into work on sundays at three o'clock, and start doing the opening work: i.e. folding about two hundred napkins and getting straws ready for the night. you know, opening the resturaunt. now, we open at four on sundays, which gave me one and a half hours to do the opening work, yet i wasn't able to finish it until five this afternoon. why, you ask? cause i was the only one that showed up (for the floor part). so, ted, the incompetent manager, doens't show up until 6 this afternoon, and karen, the other waitress, doens't come in until 5:15-ish. by myself, i had to vaccuum the entire resturaunt, set up the bar, take out all of the ash trays and the bench, fold 200 napkins, put paper onto 500 chopsticks (cause the owner's too cheap to buy the chopsticks pre-wrapped in paper), strip about 120 straws, clean the rice warmer, the fridge, the soup container, tempura sauce container, hot tea water container, sake machine, bus room, beer bottles, bus trays, spill carpets and table rags, set up all the tables and take every customer for the first hour and a half that we were opened. and even after karen got there i had to take all the customers because her husband let his kid run on the top of his car and the kid kicked in the sunroof for some reason...

now, i didn't mind to do all this so long as they did all of the closing work. much less work, i know, but something to show appreciation, considering they were given this time off from richard because they "celebrate easter", even though everybody in the entire resturaunt celebrate easter except for aki and richard. aki and i could leave an hour early so that we could have dinner at erica's house, which he didnt' let us do cause he was too busy having easter dinner to come into work until we closed. now, why would i almost quit. here we go: even though i did everything in the beginning, and i came in really early today without any extra pay, he lets karen leave work early, forcing me to do all of the closing work by myself, since ted's "too busy" doing nothing. then he throws all the menus onto the sushi bar and takes the toothpick that was inside of his mouth and throws it at me cause i forgot to do ONE opening job, which is actually ted's opening job. all i'm supposed to do is check to make sure he didnt make any mistakes closing out the checks, even though i dont' know how to close checks, i have never closed a check before, and i have no right to close a check considering I AM NOT THE MANAGER. ted is the manager. ted makes the manager pay. ted does nothing all day long except have stinky breath. that's really all he does. and he starts talking about me to aki, right infront of me, saying how lazy i am. aki explained to him how i did all of that work by myself, which he wouldn't knwo since he never came into work, and his reply was: "i told her to do it yesterday. she made a promise, and now she broke it" (which technically isnt' true cause i did it right after he threw stuff at me). and aki said that he was wrong for doing/saying any of that stuff, and his reply to that was: "if you're gonna say that to me, then i'm gonna go tougher on her." i suddenly have the urge to go to the better business beaur..ro.. can't spell, wasted brain as a waitress...
this rant can go on much longer, but then i'll just get pissed even more.

fuck, now i'm really pissed...
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(+`~')O [Mar. 25th, 2004|08:36 am]
ok, the events at my job are getting stranger and stranger as the week progress. last week (less than a week, more like half a week) we had a weird couple decide to get married in our resturaunt. this week, we had A king of Africa(emphasis on the "A" since there are numerous kings in africa, and he is not THE king) come into our resturaunt. now, when all of the secretaries kept calling michiko ALL DAY LONG, saying that we need to make sure that they get the tatami room because a king was coming, she kept calling him a priest. then he came in wearing really nice expensive leather shoes, and michiko was like: "such a bad priest, wearing such expensive shoes..." later to follow this with: "no wonder why the secretary called him a king, cause he's so rich!"

i had no idea what the fuck she was talking about.

so i asked aki what she was talking about, with aki's standard reply of: "i don't know.." followed by the indiputable correct answer: "well, we get a call for reservation, and the secretary kept telling me to give them private room because they had a king with him, so i gave phone to michiko." so i assumed that this was a joke. but he had a minister with him, talking over all of his plans and all the papers that he needed to overnight just as soon as he got his signature, which made him seem very important and busy. then, the wierd stuff started happening (not including michiko, cause she's always like that). all these people kept driving in just to see him in the tatami room. oh, and for amy's reference, this IS the room with matt's footprints in it (-_-;)... so, as i was saying, all of these people kept coming into the room, like driving to the resturaunt, coming into the resturaunt, and then going to the room, saying high and bowing their heads and with all the thank you sirs, and then leaving. o_O the best one was this balding minister that came in, and he was invited into the room (i'm assuming that they have met before a few years back), and the king was like: "come into here my friend. you are looking more handsome every time i see you ...blah blah blah... i really love you." (ok, it's my habit to make every male on earth look gay, but can't i fantasize...?). after he said that he really loved him, he pet the guys cheek. the minister walked out of the room with his hand on the same cheek going: "ooooh~~ ooooh~" in a quivering, excited little school girl voice. so i yelled at him for not taking his shoes off. cause that's just what i do, BITCH! after that they minister that was eating with him was asking him questions like: "so, do you have a palace, sir?" and all sorts of cool questions that i wanted to ask, but never would, reducing me to listening through the other room with michiko, and michiko getting angry that she didnt' take the table.

but let's move onto important matters. I BOUGHT A REAL CEL PHONE!!! knowing that aki would NEVER get me a christmas present at this rate, i bought the really cool T-Mobile color sidekick, and i used aki's money to do it so i can still buy my naruto dvd's!!! i'm so happy about it that i had to post it up, but i didn't want to sound snotty or anything, so i HAD to put a work post up, so it doesn't look like all i do is consume... it's actually a handheld with a phone built in, with one of those little swivle (oh god, why did i spell it like that???) that has a keyboard under it. there are two things that i hate about it. first thing, i have to press the screen up to my face to talk into it, leaving my face mark on the screen (i have oily, asian skin...). second thing that i hate is the fact that i have to wait for it to activate, which could take up to 48 hours, but usually 1-3, since 1-3 hours ago passed yesterday when i got it, knowing my luck i will have to wait the full 48 hours, cause god loves me. but once it's activated, i can check my precious e-mails while at the otakon~ or watch the new strongbad~ and go onto e-bay and get ripped off~

oh, and if you were wondering if the king of a certain part of africa had a palace, the answer was: "due to political reasons we had the palace torn down, so now i just live in a regular mansion." the poor, poor little king without a palace...
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why...? [Mar. 21st, 2004|11:08 am]
ok, so it's friday night and i'm (big surprise coming up) *working*, and i have a party of 7 people in one of the private rooms. the lady is wearing a very nice and expensive white dress suit and the guy's wearing a nice italian suit (well...i'm just saying it's italian cause it looks like aki's italian suit). now, these people had called in a reservation earlier in the week. why is this so strange for me to bring this up in lj?!? CAUSE THEY GOT MARRIED IN THAT ROOM. THEY HAD A JP GO IN THERE AND GOT MARRIED IN OUR VIP ROOM.WTF?!? first off, they've only been in our resturaunt ONE time before this time, so it wasn't like they were always there and did this as a joke, TWO: they were saying that they would have dinner there WITH the jp, but when we SPECIFICALLY asked them if they were getting married, they said no. THREE: who the fuck would WANT to get married in our resturaunt. it was busy and we ignored them the entire time. and they were cheap on top of that. you would think that if they just got married they would drink more than just water and diet coke. cause that's all that they drank. most of them didn't even eat any dinner, just appetizers.

i almost charged them a $100 marriage fee and pocketed it.

why didn't i do that by the way...

shit. now i'm depressed...
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